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When significant changes in facilities needs are coupled with unexpected changes in business and an unknown and confusing economic environment, it may be prudent for growth companies to obtain specifically focused expertise that will take them through such challenges, preserve their ability to achieve their companies’ operating and financial objectives, and drive value creation and retention.  Our highly targeted services include:


Buy & Sell Side M&A Real Estate Due Diligence Services

To ensure our clients’ ability to achieve operational excellence on buy side M&A and realize enterprise value in sell side deals, in pre-IPO planning, and when preparing for other monetizations, M&A Facilities Due Diligence Services deliver an important component of an overall pre-transaction due diligence.


Turnaround Real Estate Due Diligence Services

At times, companies must preserve operations under a more viable alternate structure, whether accomplished internally by Management, via a UCC Article 9 restructuring, or through other means.  In support of such efforts, we assess our clients’ stand-alone leased and owned real estate or geographically dispersed facilities portfolios to identify & mitigate risks and capture opportunity.


Transaction Procurement Services

For those of our clients that prefer to engage large branded real estate service providers to execute their transactions, by ensuring our clients’ needs are met in precisely the manner that they demand, we free-up Management resources, and reduce possible risks or liabilities associated with service provider selection.


Fractional Real Estate Executive Services

This is an especially intelligent and cost-effective approach when growth companies’ real estate, whether in stand-alone leased or owned facilities or in geographically dispersed portfolios, may not warrant hiring a full-time real estate executive, when Leadership resources may be limited, or when they may be committed elsewhere to important or more timely priorities.


Other Services

  • Strategic real estate review
  • Liquidity event real estate analysis and preparation
  • Lease restructures, terminations, dispositions
  • Owned facility monetization, sale leasebacks
  • Acquisition and disposition of leased or owned commercial properties
  • Consulting & advisory services
  • Alternative use analysis
  • Pre-closing third-party transaction review
  • Expert witness testimony

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