Highly Targeted 

Business Development

Gain Access to CFOs and senior finance executives…the highest level decision makers!

CFOs are a high-profile, dedicated and ethical group, frequently involved in decisions about acquiring services and products for their companies. The CFO Intelligence Community provides a variety of promotional opportunities, including exciting in-person and digital events, CFO Intelligence magazine, CFO Wise, and other publications that offer CFOs, senior finance executives and select service providers the opportunity to develop profitable relationships, share insights, develop new business, and drive growth. Meet CFOs and other key decision makers at enterprise- and middle-market companies, and promote your company’s services and/or products, offer guidance, promote your executives’ thought-leadership and subject matter expertise and more, in curated environments conducive to business development.

As a CFO Intell Partner, your company will benefit from CFO Intelligence’s exclusive “Event Science” that understands the preferences of CFOs and promotes beneficial opportunities to connect, share ideas, and explore doing business together in privacy, safety, and comfort.

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