Event Science

Through CFO Intelligence’s Event Science, we optimize all events, so as to promote open yet, confidential dialogue, encourage peer relationships, and create business development opportunities.  CFOs and Intell Partners alike appreciate the benefits they derive from our proprietary Event Science, including:

    1. Deploying Event Science to ensure the provision of environments in which CFOs can achieve their meeting, relationship, intelligence, career, and company objectives
    2. Limitations on total number of attendees, depending on the objectives of each event
    3. Invitee selection and attendee vetting procedures
    4. Strict attendance balance, with CFOs in the majority
    5. Defined selection parameters of venue type and style, proximity, location, and access
    6. Defined parameters for room size, internal acoustics, external noise, and layout
    7. Table configuration requirements to promote and optimize a single conversation
    8. Menu & wine selection criteria, and service timing
    9. Subject matter expert and content vetting procedures
    10. CFO name recognition procedures
    11. High-caliber CFO-savvy Intell Partner selection criteria
    12. Intell Partner balancing procedures
    13. Intell Partner protocol pre-, day of, and post-event adherence procedures
    14. Conversation participation methodology
    15. Limitations on the total number and type of Intell Partners
    16. Strict no-pressure, no-sales, thought-leadership, discussion, presentation, and / or relationship development-only event format
    17. Effective presentation and dialogue management
    18. Professional event management
    19. Guest greeting and accommodation procedures
    20. Event data management policies and procedures
    21. Attendee privacy policies and disclaimer procedures


CFOs appreciate that, at CFO Intelligence events, our Event Science takes into account their meeting, dialogue, and relationship development preferences and places them in the majority, thereby removing the pressure and threats associated with traditional “salespeople-in-the-majority” events; and as a result permits CFOs to relax, conduct business, and enjoy themselves in safe, private, and confidential open dialogue environments.  Intell Partners equally benefit.  The result is the creation of open and business-friendly events conducive to great dialogue and peer relationship development, in which attendees feel comfortable, achieve their objectives, and return again and again.