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Superior business communities provide private environments that foster the development of beneficial relationships, encourage members to share knowledge and experiences, promote members and their companies, and more.
CFO Intelligence brings together CFOs and senior finance executives to achieve beneficial relationships, share insights and ideas, enhance their careers, and drive growth at the companies they serve. Through exclusive invitation-only CFO events, CFO Intelligence magazine, CFOs in Motion, the CFO Business Sentiment Index, and so much more, members experience a curated peer community, a safe and confidential environment designed to accelerate their careers, and overall value that far exceeds the offerings of other organizations!

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Only CFOs and senior finance executives may apply for one of four CFO Intelligence membership alternatives. Apply TODAY!

Digital-Only CFO Membership

CFOs from any company or organization who wish only to participate digitally are invited to apply. 

Middle Market CFO Membership

CFOs from middle market companies and tax-exempt organizations are invited to apply.

"High Profile" Middle Market CFO Membership

CFOs who seek to achieve very high positive exposure to enhance their careers and/or promote their middle market companies or tax-exempt organizations are invited to apply.

Enterprise CFO Membership

Greater than $1 Billion Annual Revenue

CFOs from NYSE, NASDAQ, large private equity and privately held companies, and large tax-exempt organizations, are invited to contact us to receive private information about Enterprise Membership in CFO Intelligence.

Corporate Memberships

Membership is available for entire or part of your organization. Please contact us for further details.

Value Proposition

The value of your CFO Intelligence membership is tremendous and far exceeds the nominal annual membership fee. As a member, you will receive opportunities to:

Build peer CFO relationships

Expand and deepen your executive network

Become a business influencer

Promote your company and drive growth & revenue like every great CFO!

Enhance & accelerate your career

Gain insights & intelligence

Share your experiences & successes

Learn from peer CFOs and other accomplished executives

Hear about unique approaches to complex issues

Acquire knowledge and relationship opportunities specific to your industry

Obtain guidance on approaches by peer CFOs in other industries, company types & sizes

Help other companies achieve success

Positively affect the careers of peer CFOs

Interact with select vetted and CFO-savvy service providers at CFO events and in the exclusive CFO Intelligence Agora Marketplace

Enjoy the camaraderie of accomplished CFOs

and more…

Membership Benefits

As a CFO Intelligence member, you are entitled to exclusive members-only benefits, including opportunities to:


Build relationships with peer CFOs in your industry, from other industries, and around the country

Connect with CFOs at Enterprise or Middle Market companies

Communicate with peer CFOs via the robust CFO Intelligence Community app

Attend exclusive in-person and digital events

Participate in industry Sector Groups and committees

Publish your insights in business stories in CFO Intelligence magazine and CFO WISE

Be interviewed on the CFOs in Motion video podcast series

Receive advance release subscriptions to CFO Intelligence video podcasts, including CFOs in Motion, CFO Career Accelerator, and (RE)

Share your industry and economic expectations in the monthly CFO Business Sentiment Survey and be among the first to receive monthly Survey results

Lead CFO dinner discussions in private rooms at exclusive restaurants

Present ideas and insights on-stage

Receive acknowledgement for your accomplishments at the CFO Innovation Awards

Receive free subscriptions to CFO Intelligence magazine and CFO WISE

Participate in the Agora Marketplace

Promote your expertise and experience to recruiters and others for CFO roles, consulting opportunities, and Board positions

Raise substantial funds for charities

and, more…

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